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WiMAX Internet


Now in Dodge City, Minneola and Sublette!

What is United Wireless WiMAX Wireless Internet?

United Wireless WiMAX Wireless Internet uses the 3.65GHz spectrum. This means it has the ability to provide speeds much like DSL and Cable Internet.

Where are our towers located?

We currently have access within the city limits of Dodge City, and Minneola.

What kind of speeds should you expect?

Internet download and upload speeds depend on network load and the Internet tier you are subscribed to.

What is a typical installation?

Most installations consist of an external radio being mounted on the roof, eave, or a TV tower facing our tower. United will then install a CAT5 cable into the home or business and to the computer or router. At the computer there will be a modem that provides power to the radio and a port to connect with your computer. Your computer will need an Ethernet port in order to interface with our equipment. We can install an Ethernet card (at an additional cost) if you do not have one.

What does it cost?

Tier Download Upload Price w/o United Cell Service Price w/ United Cell Service
(Discounted Price)


Service Order Fee
Basic Up to 1.5Mbps Up to 512Kbps $49.00 $39.00 10MB $36.00
Silver Up to 3Mbps Up to 768Kbps $59.00 $49.00 20MB $36.00
Gold Up to 5Mbps Up to
$79.00 $69.00 50MB $36.00


Acceptable Use Policy

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Terms & Conditions

*Some Restrictions May Apply. Top Ten can include landline and other wireless networks, except for 411 or 900 numbers. No guarantee of coverage is available. See terms and conditions in your contract for further details. See your local retail store or agent for details or give us a call at 888-303-0083.

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