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Voicemail Features (PDF)

The features below can be added to your wireless account for an additional charge. Please note that some of the features will be included in your calling plan at no additional charge. Please contact United Wireless at 888-303-0083 if you have any questions about these features or your plan.

Included Features: Basic Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Detailed Billing

Basic Voicemail

Personal voicemail and call-managing service for your cellular phone. Holds 20 messages for up to 14 days! You get a 15-second greeting and there is a one-minute limit on incoming messages. For instructions on setting up your voicemail, click here.

Enhanced Voicemail

Voicemail with enhanced features like 30-second greeting and two-minute incoming messages. Enhance Voicemail holds 30 messages for up to 21 days! For instructions on setting up your voicemail, click here.

Call Waiting

Lets you know another caller is trying to contact you when you're currently on your phone. After hearing the alert tone, you can put the first caller on hold by pressing the SEND key. You may return to your original party by pressing the SEND key again.

Call Forwarding

Automatically forwards all of your incoming calls to a number you specify.

Call Forward Busy

Incoming calls are routed to the number you specify only when your cellular line is busy.

Call Forward No Answer

Incoming calls are routed to the number you specify after it rings on your cellular line several times.

Caller ID

This feature allows you to identify the number of an incoming call.

Outbound Caller ID

This feature allows you to block calls from your digital phone so that your number is not passed to the receiver of your calls. Not available on analog plans.

Detailed Billing

Gives you specific information on each call made or received (i.e. date, time, city, and telephone number called, airtime used and the charge). Available on all Coast to Coast plans.

Wireless Phone Protection Plan

Insurance protection for your cellular phone and accessories. In the event of a claim, a deductible will apply.

Night & Weekend Calling Plan

Nights & Weekends start at 7pm on plans $59.99 or higher. Otherwise, Nights are Monday-Thursday, 9 pm-6am. Weekends are Friday (9pm) to Monday (6am).  All times listed are Central Standard Time.


Add additional cellular lines to your United Wireless account and share your minutes for one low rate.

Voicemail Features (PDF)

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